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Our rules are primarily concerned with ensuring our guests have a safe and enjoyable stay and the fish are respected and looked after.

As our rules are strictly enforced we would encourage all of our guests and in particular anglers to read and understand them prior to arrival.



General rules and conditions

1. Anglers fishing at Fendicks fishery do so at their OWN RISK. The owners accept no liability for loss damage or injuries of anglers equipment or there person.

2. Vehicles must keep to the 5mph soles limit at all times. Anglers can drive to their swim to unload and load up but please park in the car parks provided during your stay.

3. Dogs and domestic pets are allowed on site but must remain under control/on a lead at all times.

4. Please clear up after your pets.

5. NO swimming or wading in any of lakes.

6. The owners property is to be respected at all times and any issues/damages are to be reported as soon as possible.

7. DO NOT climb trees or cut down any bank side vegetation.

8. All litter is to be clear up and taken home or placed in the bins provided.

9. BBQ’s are permitted but please ask for a stand/holder if it is a disposable type that will come into contact with the floor.


We want everyone to enjoy their time at Fendicks fishery so please respect our staff and our guests.


Any serious breach of any of these rules could result in yourself and your guests being asked to leave immediately and you could face a life time ban.


Anyone found using illegal drugs will be told to leave immediately and you will be reported to the police.




Fishing rules


Anglers are required to read, understand and agree to all the fishery rules prior to the commencement of fishing.

Please respect our fishery and our fish.

All anglers are expected to follow any advice or requests from the fishery staff and management concerning fish safety.

On arrival or at any time during your visit to Fendicks fishery you may be asked to confirm you have read and understand all the rules.



1. Fendick's is strictly a catch and release fishery, any persons found taking fish will be reported to the police and the environmental agency immediately 2. No fish are to be introduced or removed from the lakes.

3. All anglers to have the required number of Environment Agency fishing licences.

4. Strictly no Nuts at any time.

5. Barbless hooks only to be used. Random rod checks will be enforced, anybody found using barbed hooks will be warned and may face a ban from Fendick's Fishery.

6. Swingers or some other form of bite indication on the line as well as audible alarms must be used.

7. Audible alarms by the lake should not be used on full volume.

8. Strict 2 rod rule is in permanent operation.

9. During Spawning periods anglers must comply with any request to stop angling or to fish in areas without spawning activity. As soon as activity is stopped Anglers will be invited to recommence fishing. We do not anticipate any issue from anglers to comply with this rule as it is to reduce Carp stress and prevent foul hooking at a time when they are preoccupied and not feeding.

10. Tubing of 1 meter or safe zone type leaders must be used. No lead core 11. Lakes 1,2 and 5 you must use a net capable of landing carp to 20 lb, on lakes 3 and 4 a Minimum size net of 42" must be used to land any catfish caught.

12. Alcohol in moderation and strictly no drugs.

13. No children under 10 unless supervised at all times and wearing a life jacket.

14. Lakes 1,2 and 5 minimum of 12lb line when targeting the carp, Lake 3 & 4 - minimum line 18lb line or 50 braid, Strictly no poles on lakes 3 and 4.

15. Lakes 1,2 and 5 a mat must be used, lakes 3 and 4 a cradle or large sided mat must be used No small fold up mats to be used on lakes 3 and 4 16. No fish what so ever to be put on grass mats /cradles/ must be used. Every angler must have carp care kits with them for hook holds any other damage or sores to fish. If anglers don’t have appropriate gear and fish care your be asked to leave .

17. A maximum of 1 kg of loose feed per angler per day 18. When fishing for the catfish you must use a minimum of 30lb coated hook link, purpose made catfish hook link is acceptable 19. A minimum of size 6 and a maximum of a size 2 carp hook or a size 1 cat hook is to be used on lakes 3 and 4 when targeting the cat fish.

20. Lakes 3 and 4 please use rods with at least 3 lb test curve.


Please pay attention to website and fish the lakes suitable to your abilities .


Management reserves the right to remove and ban anyone found breaching these rules.

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